Friday, June 20, 2008

Boxer's Knuckles

Why do I have a tendency to be doing perfectly simple things and seriously hurt myself?

In 5th grade I was looking back over my shoulder while reaching to open a door. I bumped the push-bar and "jammed" my finger, finding out a couple weeks later that I had actually broken the bone in my hand and had to wear a cast on my right hand for months. I also have a tendency to easily choke on water. Andrew and I were driving to school from visiting my family, and I took a drink from my bottle, thinking it was almost empty. I drained the bottle, only then finding out it was too much. I tried to swallow it all and ended up inhaling. Andrew almost pulled over, as I was gasping for air. After several long moments, I finally cleared my windpipes with several large burps. How embarrassing!

So Tuesday morning before I went to work, I was using my resistance band to strength train. Just as I was pulling a lat row, the hook that attached to the door came right off! The plastic part at the end snapped back and hit my bent knuckle, splitting the skin across the joint. I immediately washed it out with soap and water, not willing to look at it too closely before I got a bandage and some pressure on it. I can't explain the pain I felt, just a radiating, aching, throbbing pain. What was worse than the pain, though, was knowing I still had to shower, wash my hair, and get to work within the next 40 minutes. I found a clothespin and wrapped it to my finger so it wouldn't bend, stuck my hand in a ziploc baggie and tried my best to wash my hair with one hand. Now, four days later, the cut looks pretty good. It's not infected at least. Still haven't tried to bend my finger all the way. The finger is bruised, but I think I'll live.

What's up with me? Does anybody else hurt themselves doing what most people do every day without incident?


  1. I trip going up the stairs. All. The. Time.

    I also drop things a lot. While the doesn't hurt me, it's annoying. It's like my brain short circuits and my hand just lets go. It's almost like I blank out for a nanosecond and that is just enough time for my hand to lose it's grip.

    The other day, I had something in my hand and tried to put it in the cupholder of my car but ended up throwing it across the car b/c my grip let go and it went flying.

    What the HECK??

  2. oh sarah! that makes me laugh but I am prone to that but OUCH I bet that hurt! and showering with a brand new cut or wound is definitely painful. glad you survived!!!!