Saturday, April 24, 2010

She Likes Rainy Days the Best

Sometimes I know a story is right when the whole world seems to spin it into my lap. Today, I got one of those stories. It started as a journal entry a few days ago, just after a heavy rain. I wrote about the glow of freshly washed leaves, the darkness of the tree trunks, the lambent light in the air. Yesterday I decided to turn it into a story somehow. Over night the rains came. Gentle thunderstorms early in the morning, then off and on showers all day long. The world was telling me to write. Slowly, as I reworked my journal entry, a character emerged. A woman whose desire to be reborn is mirrored in the nascent quality of the world after a rain. The journal entry transformed into a plot, as the steady beat of raindrops on my window set the pace. How perfect that a story inspired by a rainy day got to be finished on a rainy day. The first line of the story is true for me, too: "She likes rainy days the best."

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scorpion Eating Contest

How does someone train to be the world record holder for most live scorpions eaten in one minute? Sure it's only 60 seconds. We do a whole lot more unpleasant things that take more than sixty seconds.

Like when the dental hygienist flosses your teeth, for example. So, do you start small and work up? Eat as many fortune cookies as you can in a minute. Then work your way up to grubs. Then beetles. Then spiders, then finally scorpions. What's the technique for avoiding a sting? Bite off the tail first? Or hold em by the tail and throw them down head first, like shrimp? How do all those scorpions and spiders and beetles and grubs and fortune cookies feel about being sacrificed for sport? For you to prove how tough you are? Or are they having a contest of their own? "See who can avoid getting caught by the stupid human."

Friday, April 16, 2010

To post in April

Nobody said the next post had to be in April of 2009. Obviously I got bored with my blog. Then I got busy. I was accepted to Lesley University's low-residency masters in fine arts program and attended my first residency in Cambridge (MA) in January. I'm thrilled with the program, with the faculty, and with my fellow students. It is just right for me.

So I feel sort of directionless with this blog. Do I go with food? With environmental news, concerns, joys? With writing? Do I even care? Meh...

Signing out for now (cause I'm supposed to be meeting a deadline tonight!)