Thursday, June 19, 2008

Birthday Treats

I live a simple life, but a blessed one. I don't need much to feel extravagantly loved.

My 25th birthday was Monday. I knew Andrew had something in mind, but I wasn't sure what.

My day at work was wonderful. I got there early, earlier than usual. I was there for about an hour when I heard the tell-tale whisperings. Every birthday we have cake and sing to the birthday person. One year I was forgotten, almost, when my birthday came and went and we ended up celebrating it the same day as my boss' three days later. I tried not to be disappointed. It was summer time and there was hardly anybody there on my actual birthday. But I'm kind of a birthday nut. I suppose it's a little selfish of me. I always feel I'm a notch more "special" on my special day. I don't even need a party, if people just wish me a happy birthday. This year my co-workers did a great job. I knew what was up when people started leaving their offices en masse, but it's fun to play along. They said I was "needed in the kitchen." When I came out to find everybody singing, gathered around the table with a candle-lit chocolate cake in the middle, I knew this year it was special.

By the end of my day, I was helping a friend figure something out at her desk, which is by the front door. I remember now hearing the door open, but at work I'm so used to people going in and out that I ignore the door. I see somebody walking toward me like they are looking for my attention. I finally look to see who it is, and of course, you probably already guessed it's Andrew. I was surprised, though, because he never comes to my office! He had come to pick me up to whisk me off for my birthday!

First we went to Williams-Sonoma, where I picked out a nice, $80 Wusthof kitchen knife. Yes, technically it was last year's Christmas present, but we just never went shopping for it. And shopping is the fun part! Then we went to Books-a-Million, where I browsed, but used great birthday restraint, because I kept seeing books I already have but haven't read yet. I decided I would have a happier birthday without one more book on my shelf that I probably wouldn't get to for 2 years. Anyway, then we went to Thai Spice, a nice Thai restaurant that we've always heard about but never tried. I had Panang Curry, and Andrew had a dish with basil, cashews, avocados, potatoes, and a coconut milk curry sauce. Then we went to our beloved TeaFusions and bought two more bags of loose-leaf tea. I have never had such great tea--I hope that place never closes! After that we went home and watched two episodes of Gilmore Girls, one of our favorite shows (and yes, we have seasons 1-4 on DVD).

You know the best part of all--my favorite part about what Andrew did for me? My t-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes and baseball hat husband, who later revealed he had worked from home that day, dressed up in his nice Dockers and pin-striped dress shirt, just to take me out. One thing you should know about my husband--he does not like to dress up or even take pains to look "casually nice". He's no metro. But he dressed up for me! I am a lucky girl. :) Again, it doesn't take much for me to feel extravagantly loved.


  1. very fun! it'll help you ease into your mid twenties that much easier. have a great year!

  2. How fun! I am ever-so-slightly jealous of your new knife. Even though I don't cook much, when I do I like to have nice utensils. And then to have Thai food?? Very lucky, indeed. Kudos to Andrew for going out of his comfort zone to make you feel special. :)

  3. I love my new knife! It even slices frozen chicken when I forget to put it in the fridge before I leave for work! :)