Saturday, February 2, 2008

Groundhog Day

It's great weather for a road trip, but will I be going on one? Well, I was going to go here with the youth group, but it got cancelled. :( It's beautiful, sunny, mid-60's; birds are singing like it's spring. It's also Groundhog Day today. Apparently, General Beauregard Lee, the Atlanta groundhog, didn't see his shadow whenever he came out today, so we'll have an early spring.

Generations from now, children will ask their parents, "You mean they actually believed a groundhog could predict the end of winter? Wow, they were primitive."

Of course, we don't really believe it, or at least no more than we believe our fortune cookies from Hot Wok. We dismiss it when it turns out to be inaccurate, but we marvel at the wondrous mystery when it does turn out right. A part of each of us chooses to pretend to believe, like we choose to pretend Santa is real, even when we "know" it's not true. I think all humanity is hot-wired to need something beyond "science," beyond "logic," to believe in. Something bigger than what we think we can control. I'm not really talking about religion here, at least not in the sense that people choose to believe something they know isn't true. But it does come back to religion in a way. All our silly superstitions, all our make-believe, show that we were designed to know there's something more. If there wasn't Something More, we wouldn't be able to imagine it. We're, every one of us, searching to know God, whether we realize it or not.


  1. i like this post. you shoudld write moer! you are good and i like to read your writings :)

  2. Thanks! That means a lot to me. I will take it to heart. :)