Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow in Georgia!

I'm so excited--it's snowing!! Earlier this week, Wednesday night, it snowed a bit, but it was gone Thursday morning. It started snowing this morning, and it's already accumulated more than it did on Wednesday. It's so pretty! I love snow. Especially with all the pine trees and bushes around here, it lays on the branches in clean contrast with the dark green leaves beneath it. I even love how it falls through the air. It's not in a hurry, just drifts its way to the ground. This is the first time I've seen snow in Georgia so it's a big deal to me. That's one thing I missed about living in the north. Here's a video from our apartment looking out at the snow. Yes it's only a parking lot, but it's a beautiful parking lot with snow on it!


  1. very nice! did the whole city shut down?!

  2. Yeah, they even called off church tomorrow! They don't have a bunch of salt trucks and snow plows in every town, because it so rarely snows. But then when it does, they take a long time to get the roads safe, and nobody knows how to drive in it anyway. :) It's hilarious!

  3. We don't even have snow. :( We have the bitter cold, but no snow.