Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Formula 1 Family

OK, so this is a little belated, but I realized I've never written about our famliy trip to Indy for the Formula 1 races. I don't recall ever being to an Indy car, Nascar, or any other kind of car race, and I'm pretty sure any time they were on TV I said Boring and changed the channel. Well, in June I got the opportunity to experience F1 racing with the only experts I know--my dad and brothers. It was also the first vacation I've been on with my parents, both of my brothers, and their wives. Andrew came too. We had bleacher seats on corner 6, full sun, 90 degree weather, and raving fans all around. I was surprised at the energy among the fans. This was no beer-guzzling, wife-beater-wearing, redneck sport (pardon my french); this was a cross-cultural international experience. (There was definitely beer-guzzling going on, but it was mostly Fosters.) I got chills as the cars made their first lap, despite the clear skies and unobstructed UV rays. The screaming engines, the insane acceleration around the curves, and the sheer technologic engineering creativity--all add up to a surprisingly amazing sport. One of the favorite drivers was Lewis Hamilton, a guy about my age. They did interviews on Friday (this was a whole-weekend thing), and Hamilton had so much poise and eloquence. He didn't seem full of himself, and he sounded like a seasoned celebrity. Anyhow, I was thoroughly wooed to the sport of Formula 1 racing.

It was cool just to experience that with my brothers and their wives, who I don't get to see very often. Spending that time with them, going out to fun restaurants with them, getting birthday goodies from them :) all made the weekend 100% more fun. I don't know if I'll be able to go again, but I'll remember that family vacation forever.

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