Monday, July 30, 2007

Clouds of Unlearning

Thanks to My Utmost for His Highest for prompting this...

Biblical theophanies (appearances of God) usually swim in a motif of clouds and darkness. His glory is rarely clear and shining. The clouds are symbolic of our life's trials, disappointments, and hurts. God always brings His presence through those circumstances. Here's what bends my mind, though. It is often said God wants to teach us through our cloudy experiences. Actually, Oswald Chambers says, God wants us to unlearn things. The more that is stripped away from our own grasp or supposed power, the more childlike we become. Just our soul with Jesus. Simple. Other people are just shadows. If we hang so much hope and trust on others, we will continue to be let down and disillusioned, and the clouds come rolling in.

Jesus knew what was in humankind, and He did not commit Himself unto them. Yet He was not cynical or bitter. His was a distrust based on the lack of false judgments. He was so confident in the Father's grace for every person that He despaired of no one. If our trust is placed in human beings, we will all the more frequently need those "unlearning" experiences. But when our trust is placed fully on Jesus, all others become shadows and our soul rests with Jesus within the cloud.

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