Thursday, September 30, 2010

10 Great Dates for Introverts (Part 2)

Weekend is coming up! Not that you have to wait for the weekend to do something special--do it now, I say. But if you need the excuse of a weekend to get you going, I'm here for you.

I proposed finding 10 fun activities to do with your favorite introvert, or if you're the introvert, suggestions to show your friends or significant other. Look here for the first 5. Today's post will give you 5 more great ideas.

Just to recap: 1.) listen to music; 2.) read to each other; 3.) go stargazing; 4.) watch Jeopardy; 5.) take a hike.

6.) Flea Markets. I know I said I didn't like shopping, but for some reason flea markets are different to me. It's the opportunity to find some rare or unique item, an old treasure that's passed hands for generations, or something you can fix up or personalize if you're so inclined. Plus you can usually find good deals, make connections with the vendors, and get inspired for new creative projects. Find some flea markets in your state here.

7.) Museums or Galleries. Museums are nice for introverts because they usually provoke thought and they're quiet. Galleries are a great way to support local creatives. You can see what local artists are doing in photography, sculpture, painting, or textiles, and you can get involved by buying something you like and supporting them. You don't have to go into a big city to find museums and galleries, either, although those are good for getting a bigger picture of the arts or sciences. Check yahoo directories or just google "museums and galleries near [your town]" for some close-to-home artisans, or local history museums.

Autumn weather is on its way, at least here in Georgia, finally, so here are three more ideas specifically suited for the chill air and holiday spirit.

8.) Fireside Picnic. It starts getting dark earlier now, so I feel like winding down as soon as I get home from work. You could have a fireside picnic in the middle of the day, I suppose--in fact, that could be the "fun" version of this idea. But if you wanna go and get "romantic," wait until sunset, or, 5:00. Spread a flannel blanket on the floor and lay out trays of fruits, cheeses, and olives; keep a bottle of wine close by; light a fire in the fireplace; relax. 

9.) Hayrides. I grew up in central Illinois, where every harvest season there were guaranteed to be about fifty farms offering tractor-pulled or horse-drawn hayrides. Now I live in Georgia and I've been on a couple hay rides in the last few years. It's probably not too hard, no matter where you live, to find a farm within twenty or so miles that offers harvest-time hayrides. Bundle up, take a blanket. The farm will usually offer hot chocolate or cider. The bliss of hayrides is being out in the middle of the country where you can see all the stars, plus the biting cool air and the spreading warmth of a hot drink. Plus you get to cuddle with your significant other while the gentle jostling of the trailer lulls you into a peaceful state of mind. Most hayrides I've been on, everyone remains quiet, just enjoying the clean smell of country air and the sound of crickets or cicadas.

10.) Neighborhood walks. In the season between halloween and New Year's, neighborhoods and stores will be lit up with decorations. Take a cue from Lorelai and Rory and enjoy a stroll in the brisk air with your favorite friend, admiring creative decorations, privately mocking the cheesy ones, and generally enjoying the holiday spirit.
Stars Hollow in Autumn (photo courtesy of WB)

Feel free to chime in with more ideas. Introverted or not! I hope these 10 have at least given you some fresh incentive to try something different.


  1. Hey Sarah! Just checking out your blog for the first time. Great ideas :) As an introvert married to an introvert myself, it looks like one of my favorite date night activities didn't make the cut. Dress up, turn on the stereo, push back the living room furniture, and dance the night away! Those 10 painful, pre-wedding dance lessons ended up being good for something in the long term after all.

  2. Hi Alicia! That's a great idea! If you know the moves, but don't like dancing in front of other people, make it a private affair. I like that. Now if hubby and I could just get to some dancing lessons.