Saturday, March 15, 2008

why do I believe?

Something just occurred to me, something simple that I never thought of before. I was stretching, looking out the window at the clear, crisp, sunny morning, and I saw the two LDS guys that live in the apartment complex. They were all dressed up in their black suits, throwing their trash in the dumpster before driving off on their mission. And I thought, what would I say if I got a chance to sit down and talk with them? They look fairly young--20 something--and I wondered if they grew up Mormon or if they converted. Their methods seem so outdated to me--wearing suits and ties, going door to door trying to convert people. I admit, I don't understand much about Latter Day Saints. Then I thought I would ask them, "Why did you choose to be a Mormon?" or "What made you choose...?"

Then it struck me: Why did I choose to become a Christian? We usually ask people those questions if they have "converted" from something else. But I think it's an essential question that each person should answer regarding their religious/spiritual views. The last thing this world needs are Christians who just are because they grew up in the church. At some point in the late teens to mid-twenties, the lifelong Christian should be able to look at their faith and their life and give an answer to their choice. I'm not talking about proof here, because you can't prove faith and still be able to call it "faith." Belief in something is at the very core of humanity, and that core is without substance if a person can't explain why they believe.

I chose to be a Christian because I've seen and felt the transformative power of Jesus' love and redemption in my life. He has chosen me--to use me to give His love and words to people around me. I don't want to be the person I could be without His Holy Spirit inside me. That's why I believe.

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