Friday, February 25, 2011

The Life of Cat Foster Parents: Carson

Meet Carson. We did not name him. 

We've had him for three weeks, and he is the perfect cat. Part British shorthair, part tabby. I love our three cats, but Carson has their best qualities combined. He's not shy, likes to spend quality time with you, likes to be held, likes to sit on laps, but not for very long. He's not needy. Just a buddy. And he likes to ask questions. "Brrrrr-oww?" His left ear is lopsided, apparently healed up crooked from an accident in his pre-rescue life. But that only adds to his sweet-tempered charm. He also likes to play with water, as taught by his new friend Dawson. I even caught him in the toilet the other day. He thinks he's a dog.

What you see here is, I am well aware, a waste of water. We don't do it often. This was a special bonding moment with Dawson. All the chirping and talking you hear is Carson. The two of them wrestle and follow each other around all day--we think they have a bromance going on. I wonder what Dawson will think when Carson finds his new home. I might cry a little.