Sunday, August 1, 2010

On the Umbrella ella ella

Umbrellas are for more than keeping off rain. A black umbrella just won't do. One with a wooden cane handle is better than a straight black plastic handle. And the more color, the better. An umbrella is highly symbolic, indicative of a person's outlook on life. Are they pragmatic? Whimsical? Pessimistic? Optimistic? Do they laugh at themselves, or do they try to disappear into the crowd?

This is why I am somewhat embarrassed of my collapsible black plastic-handled umbrella. One day, I will live in the city, walk everywhere, and have a colorful umbrella.


  1. cute! theres no reason you shouldnt pop a cute umbressa up out of your car as you run in somewhere. art mart has way awesome andbright patterns. they are online! good way to make a dreary rainy day brighter!

  2. Cool, thanks! The funny thing is, you're not the only one to type umbressa instead of umbrella. Google it. :)