Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To Post in March

Before the month is over, I thought I should at least get one note in here so it doesn't look like I totally neglect my blog.  

Briefly, the biggest news is that I was accepted at Fairfield University's low-residency MFA program.  The first residency is in July, if I choose to go there.  Right now I'm still waiting to hear back from two more schools.  If I do go to Fairfield, I'm looking forward to the retreat-like setting on an island near Mystic, Connecticut (remember Mystic Pizza, anyone?--great movie).

I did not get accepted to the program I thought would be my saving grace.  It's a Christian university with high academic standards like Taylor, and I thought for sure it would be the perfect fit for me, and I for it.  After I got the small-envelope letter, I started thinking that maybe I was counting on it too much.  Maybe it's too close to my comfort zone.  Maybe it's my opportunity to be in a different environment--the kind of change I've been anxious for.  The chance to grow in a way I've never had to before.

I hope this is making some sense.

Other than that, Andrew got a PS3, and, though I haven't played it much recently, I really like Portal and Little Big Planet.  We got Rock Band, but we only just set it up.  It'll be a party game. We did experiment a little with the guitar and drum kit, only I was on the drums and Andrew on the guitar.  We were playing an easy version of E-Pro, and I said, "Hey, we're just like the White Stripes."  I kicked Andrew's butt.

Soon to come: More updates on MFA status, a possible "real" post (like this one), or I forget about blogger for another month.  We'll see! (You're on the edge of your seat, aren't you?)

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