Monday, December 31, 2007

christmas reflections

Christmas is looking into family members' eyes and knowing love.
Christmas is singing praises in the old carols.
Christmas is being thankful for the generosity of others.
Christmas is seeing the enjoyment of your loved ones opening gifts from you.
Christmas is sharing a piece of your history with the ones you love the most.

I'm so thankful for my family. They are funny, generous, loving, genuine, and always great to be around. I got to see my brother Mark and his wife Kathy, my nieces Faith and Nicole, my nephew Nathan and his girlfriend Sarah, and my wonderful parents (of course!). We had Christmas dinner together, then Thursday we went to Chicago to meet Nate and Sarah for a day around town and a Chicago Wolves hockey game. That was a blast! They happen to be the minor league team that feeds into the Thrashers, so we recognized several of the players who've spent time in Atlanta. And Saturday we had everybody over again for Mark's birthday dessert with the immemorial red velvet cake made into mush. Yummm!

This year I also got to get together with several high school friends. I should post pictures of that soon. That was amazing! It was grounding to come back to friends that knew me so well in high school and, even though I feel I've changed so much since then, I could be myself around them and we could still be just as good of friends as ever. I guess fundamentally you never change--that part of yourself God imprinted on you--yet you change and grow and become a better person (hopefully) through life.

Great times. I hope everyone has a blessed season and a great New Year--His mercies are new every morning and every new year! :)

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